Hosted Wiki options?

11 05 2010

One of the outcomes of our meeting a couple of weeks ago is that it would be incredibly useful for us to get a Wiki going for everybody to be able to contribute to.

A couple of voices screeched that PBwiki would be a terrible choice, but I’m struggling to find quality, hosted, free wiki sites out there. If anybody knows anywhere worth looking into, I’ll take a look. Otherwise, PBwiki it is.

P.S. – I’m in Vancouver at the moment, the open data city. I’m about to meet Andrea Reimer who pushed through the legislation forcing Vancouver to open up its systems, data and software. I shall be reporting back via Future Everything, and will do a write-up here as and when.




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12 05 2010
stevieflow has always done a job for me…

20 05 2010
Ric Roberts

Hi Paul. I’m happy to donate an premium account of SwirrlWiki (my company’s hosted wiki service) – you can sign up for free to try it out if you like. Swirrl is also making an open data publishing service so we’re interested in contributing and discussing this topic!

20 05 2010
Paul Robinson

Ric, I’ll look into this – looks good, but some might complain at not using an open-source Wiki solution…

20 05 2010
Ric Roberts

No worries – I understand. I wont be offended if you don’t take up the offer. 🙂 Btw, a relevant feature of SwirrlWiki is that the data in public wikis is available as LinkedData.

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